Project Planning

Timing, methodology, procurement plan, Targets crop, Research Area, Tools Development, Budget etc.

Data Collection

Quantitative and data collecting and qualitative data collection methods including face-to-face customer interviews 

Data Analysis

Data entry is done using Ms. Excel and CS pro before being analyzed with pertinent statistical softwares

Social Research

Migration, food security and livelihood, nutrition, climate change, rural development, financial inclusion, health care Research, opinion polls.

Market Research

 Market and consumer insight, brand and communications strategy, new brand /provide product development, user experience

Our Mission

To be the global leading Research company that not only offers institutional consultation services to individuals or organizations, both government and non-government organizations but also trains them that the quality of life may be improved significantly.

Our Vision

The vision is to empower individuals ,organizations and governments to make informed decision that are data-driven.


Partnership and collaboration.

In the News

Data Entry Tools

Data entry tools are software or applications designed to facilitate the process of inputting data into a digital format. They

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