At Detatracks, we provide tailored solutions meant to meet the needs of our clients. Our clients include individuals, organizations- both government and non- government.

Some of the solutions we offer are:

Project planning services and programs impact assessment

Project planning services and programs impact assessment- Timing, methodology, procurement plan, Targets crop, Research Area, Tools Development, Budget etc.

Social Research

Migration, food security and livelihood, nutrition, climate change, rural development, financial inclusion, health care Research, opinion polls.

Data Entry Analysis report writing and presentation

Data entry and data analysis reporting is done in such a way to meet deadline with tight schedule. It also provides for publication and presentation of reports in PowerPoint or Narrative (word file) formats with clear key insights and recommendations.

Market Research

Market and consumer insight, brand and communications strategy, new brand /provide product development, user experience and design, post and shopper insights strategic market Research, technology Research, cooperative surveys and business matching.

Data Collection Service

Quantitative data collecting and qualitative data collection methods including face-to-face customer interviews telephone interviewing a person in the interviewing focus group interviews and view informal interviews and surveys. We have three step initial process; Recruitment-recruit various types of respondents based on stringent recruitment criteria .Training provides various types of training to research and field staff supervisors, interviewers, (QCS) moderators notetakers etc. Research field work programs (individual or quantitative qualitative Research field work covering the entire country).

Software Development

The company offers database management systems for institutions i.e. schools and hospitals. The hospital database management system is called Medimax. Detatracks has developed a hospital database management system called Medimax. The software system contains ten main modules which can be customized according to the needs of the client. The modules include: Admin, Patient, Accounting, Drug Administration, Doctors, Nurses, Departmental, Out-Patient, In-Patient and Medistat Calculator modules. The Medistat Calculator is a statistical, analytical tool which is able to calculate the BMI, disease incidence and prevalence and making meaning and life saving recommendations to the relevant authorities. There is also the School database management system. it contains all the necessary and pertinent modules.